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Our mission

The mission of the Foundation is to provide support to the men and women of the Florida National Guard in times of emergencies and deployments. To honor and assist those Soldiers and Airmen who have sacrificed their health and well being for the security of our great State and Nation, and to preserve our rich history so the sacrifices of our Soldiers and Airmen are not forgotten.

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Donating to the Florida National Guard Foundation is easy, and every dollar counts. The programs the FLNGF runs provides assistance and help to Troops and Families.

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Thank you

“My wife and I cannot even begin to express our gratitude to you during this difficult time. You have removed an enormous weight of worry from our chest and for that we thank you immensely.”

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Application for Assistance

If you feel you are in need of assistance from the Florida National Guard, we are here to help. Please fill out this form and submit.

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Scholarship Application

To apply for a scholarship from the Florida National Guard, please review the requirements. Then fill out this form and submit. The deadline for this year is June 10, 2017.

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